Real Estate Law

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What Is That?

Real estate law focuses on various aspects of property, including who may own it, how it should be exchanged, and how it may be used. The concept of real estate law expands across a broad range of services, but it most commonly focuses on ensuring all actions regarding property are done in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Some of the most common real estate law services include:

-      Sale and purchase of property: -    The exchanging of property must be done in a way that is in accordance with local laws and regulations. To ensure all requirements have been met, real estate lawyers can help both parties be confident the transaction is done legally and efficiently.

-      Property disputes: Real estate can often be the subject of a dispute. These disputes may form as a result of boundary issues, injuries on a property, or even trespassing.

While real estate lawyers are not required for all transactions, it can be very useful, especially for those dealing with property law for the first time. Katie helps her clients have the peace of mind knowing their personal needs are being looked after.