Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

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What Is That?

Katie understands that when a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to think about is what their death means in the legal world. Katie assists clients with Probate and Estate Administration, and helps her clients with distributing the estate assets to the proper parties by using the best probate process for each client’s individual situation.  

When you hire Katie to assist with a probate, she will provide guidance and direction every step of the way, until the Estate has been fully administered. 

Estate and trust administration are two key components to ensuring an individual’s wishes are followed after his or her death, as well as making sure beneficiaries are protected.

If you are the fiduciary of an estate or trust, you are the responsible person for the estate or trust, and are legally required to ensure all necessary steps are taken according to Texas law and the Will or Trust you are administering. LetKatie help you navigate the (sometimes) overwhelming waters of being appointed as an Executor of a Will, or a Trustee of a Trust.